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Philippines is indeed surrounded by various kinds of bodies of water like the sea, the ocean, rivers, lakes and many more.

Some of the uses of country's water are: agricultural (patubig); bathing animals; national marine parks. coral reef parks and reserves; fish ponds; fish and wildlife sanctuaries; public water suplies like watersheds; scientific processes like coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection; industrial water supply like cooling; recreational water like boating, swimming and scuba diving.

When we talked about water, fish is the first thing or creature that can be associated with the topic. There are three sectors of fishing:

  1. Municipal Fisheries - fishing within 15 kilometers from shore that do or do not use fishing boats weighing 3 gross tons or less
  2. Commercial Fisheries - uses big fishing vessels weighing greater 3 gross tons. These vessels go beyond 15 kilometers from the shore and catch greater amount of fish than the municipal fisheries.
  3. Aquaculture - sector including fishponds

Fishes available in Municipal Fisheries:

  1. Tulingan
  2. Matangbaka
  3. Galunggong
  4. Dilis
  5. Alumahan
  6. Tambakol
  7. Bisugo
  8. Pusit (Squid)
  9. Alimasag (Crab)
  10. Others


Fishes available in Commercial Fisheries:

  1. Galunggong
  2. Tamban
  3. Tulingan
  4. Gulyasan
  5. Tambakol
  6. Matangbaka
  7. Sapsap
  8. Alumahan
  9. Tunsoy
  10. Others


No fewer than 2,000 varieties of fish are in the seas surrounding the islands and in lakes, rivers, estuaries, and fish ponds. The most important commercial fishes are milkfish (a herringlike fish), anchovy, herring, sardine, mackerel, grouper, snapper, cavalla, mullet, barracuda, mudfish, and caesio. Fish are raised in ponds in some provinces of Luzon and Panay. There are pearl beds in the Sulu Archipelago to the south, and mother-of-pearl used for making buttons is exported to China and elsewhere. Tortoiseshells and shells used for windows are exported to Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries.

Here are some kinds of bodies of water:

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